Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh, Poe!

I'm planning to go to the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards banquet this year! First time ever!

In honor of my excitement, I want to share something very special with you.

My daughter, Robyn, recently painted her unique depiction of Edgar Allan Poe, and has graciously agreed to allow me to post it. The portrait appears on my website links page: and was done in acrylic and tar. Yes, you read right ... tar.

This is a scan of a scan, but I think it's still such a great piece that I wanted to highlight it on my site. As you know Robyn maintains a blog and updates occasionally She doesn't have her Poe piece on the blog, so I convinced her to let me put it on mine.



Julia Buckley said...

I love the Poe! Your daughter is very talented. Would she consider selling limited-edition prints?

Rosemary Harris said...

Wow! It's terrific. I didn't know what to expect...(for all I knew your daughter is five yrs old.)Good meeting you at LIM..and I guess I'll see you at the Edgars.

Picks By Pat said...


Have fun at the Edgar Award ceremony. Wish I was going.

Nice picture & quite original. Very diferent from most of the portraits I am used to seeing of Poe. There a sense of fraility that captures the attention.