Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little thrills

I opened today's Chicago Tribune book section and was totally shocked to see State of the Onion listed as a top seller this week in "From the Precincts" on page 2.


I yelped, stood up, and couldn't stop repeating, "Oh my gosh!"

The Trib gathers sales information from Chicago bookstores, and I realize (even as I struggle to control my glee), that had the newspaper chosen a different bookstore this week, there may have been vastly different results. So, I'm not fooling myself. Although the top of the page boasts "BESTSELLERS" - I know I'm still a long way from achieving that status.

I am deeply grateful to Alibi Books in Glenview, IL for choosing to stock State of the Onion. And I'm ecstatic that the book is doing well. Thanks!

In the large scheme of things, this is a little thrill. But on a personal level, it's very, very big.


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Amy said...

Congratulations! I can't believe I missed this in the Tribute Books section.
I think I was so surprised that they reviewed some YA books that I went right to that page...