Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not today!!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Love Is Murder Mystery conference. And today it's snowing like the dickens, which makes it difficult for our out-of-town guests to make it into town.

Tess Gerritsen called me this afternoon, severely delayed. As of this writing I don't know if she made it in, but my fingers are crossed.

It was around this time (January 26), 41 years ago that Chicago was buried in the great snowstorm of 1967:

Let's hope we're not in for a repeat performance.

Hey - just as I was writing this I heard from Tess. She's in. Landed and on her way to the hotel.

Can't wait for tomorrow. This will be a great conference.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dallas Book Diva

I just had the pleasure of talking with Cheryl Nason, the Dallas Book Diva Dallas Book Diva. Cheryl read State of the Onion and was kind enough to invite me to discuss the book for her blog. Cheryl is a warm and engaging interviewer who is truly interested in books and authors. She's great. I was delighted to know she enjoyed reading the book, and that she really liked Ollie's character and adventures.

I encourage you to check out Cheryl's blog where she features lots of wonderful writers and their books. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little thrills

I opened today's Chicago Tribune book section and was totally shocked to see State of the Onion listed as a top seller this week in "From the Precincts" on page 2.


I yelped, stood up, and couldn't stop repeating, "Oh my gosh!"

The Trib gathers sales information from Chicago bookstores, and I realize (even as I struggle to control my glee), that had the newspaper chosen a different bookstore this week, there may have been vastly different results. So, I'm not fooling myself. Although the top of the page boasts "BESTSELLERS" - I know I'm still a long way from achieving that status.

I am deeply grateful to Alibi Books in Glenview, IL for choosing to stock State of the Onion. And I'm ecstatic that the book is doing well. Thanks!

In the large scheme of things, this is a little thrill. But on a personal level, it's very, very big.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Poor Neglected Blog

Well, it's been far too long since I've blogged here. If I haven't mentioned LOVE IS MURDER enough yet - consider this another reminder. Love Is Murder, a wonderful mystery conference for readers, writers, and lovers of crime fiction, comes to Chicago the first weekend in February.

Keeping up with all the schedule changes and panelist updates has kept me from blogging. Every day, by the time I have a chance to access this site, it's usually very late at night and my brain cells are wrung out. The last thing I want to do is wreak my rambling prose on poor readers, so I've been shutting the computer down every night vowing that *tomorrow* I'll get back to the blog.

And, as my father used to say, "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!"

Well - the big news, of course, is that STATE OF THE ONION has made it to the bookstores! I walked into my neighborhood BN and there it was. I was so surprised to see it, I yelped -- much to my 15 year-old's chagrin. This is as much fun as seeing my first book on the shelves. Maybe even more fun.

Augie Aleksy, of Centuries & Sleuths bookstore, hosted my launch party on Sunday and I have to say it went exceptionally well. I forgot my camera, but Julia Buckley blogged about it here: Mysterious Musings: Nothing Like A Good New Read and my daughters (two of whom were in town and able to be part of it) promise me pictures one of these days.

I want to say thank you to everyone who came to Sunday's party - and without whose support I could never make it in this business. And I want to say thanks, too, to all the wonderful readers who have been e-mailing me via the website. It's wonderful to hear from readers who are enjoying the book. And wonderful to have a book that's so widely available.

Tomorrow I head to NYC for my MWA orientation. Leaving the family home to fend for themselves is always nerve-wracking, but I can't wait to get back to the Big Apple. Despite the 30 degree rainy weather ;-)