Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Very good day!

You know it's a good writer day when you get a book in the mail with your name on it. Yesterday was a great day because I got *two* of them. First and foremost, I received (via FedEx, actually) a hot-off-the-presses copy of State of the Onion. Can I gush just a little? It's beautiful! It looks even better in person than I ever expected!

I also received a copy of The Future We Wish We Had, an anthology edited by Marty Greenberg and Rebecca Lickiss. My short story, "Destiny" was chosen for inclusion among many other writers who I know and greatly respect.

So, I'm feeling pretty good, right?
Then - today - a new review posted for State of the Onion. Here's the link: wpbookreviews: State of the Onion
Today has been a *very* good day!

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Ken Rand said...

Congrats! A doubel cool day!