Monday, December 10, 2007

MWA Holiday party

Yesterday was the holiday party for our chapter of the MWA. I had fun, and I think everyone who attended did, too. Silly girl that I am, I forgot my camera (again!) but I hope to post pictures here when the folks who were more on the ball send them to me ;-)

Augie Aleksy, of the wonderful Centuries & Sleuths bookstore, graciously opened his doors to us again. Augie had appeared on Rick Kogan's morning radio show earlier, and had mentioned our party. Right beforehand, one of the young guests from the show, Kyle Durango (sp?) visited the store just to say hello.

My favorite parts of the event? During Pictionary/Charades when Libby Hellmann ran around, ducking behind things, trying to get her team to come up with the novel title: VANISHING POINT. (She did) -- Raymond Benson pulling THE LADY IN THE LAKE out at the last possible minute -- Michael A. Black coming up with WHEN THE SACRED GIN MILL CLOSES mere seconds after Annie Chernow drew a very good rendition of a mill. The crowd shouted "windmill!" and Mike supplied the rest. Great game. Even better because it resulted in a tie, keeping everyone's holiday spirits intact ;-)

As they say - a good time was had by all.
Anybody out there have pictures? Send 'em to me. I'll try hard to remember my camera in the future.

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Amy said...

What a shame you didn't have your camera! :)

It was a very fun party. I would definitely not try to put one over on Mike Black; the way he came up with that title from Windmill was something to witness. Many sharp folks in that group! I love how everyone knows variations of death so easily.

I've decided to make my teen groups do a variation of timed holiday charades now too.