Saturday, December 29, 2007

Great news and Glitches

First the great news: State of the Onion has been spotted in two different B&N stores! One in Champaign, IL and one in Maryland. I'm excited. The book's release date is January 2, 2008, and I didn't expect that any would be available sooner. Even better were the kind notes I received from Maryann (Champaign) letting me know she'd already finished reading - and the other from Becky (Maryland) who was just starting it. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to hear that people are enjoying the book.

Now - the glitches:
I hate being offline. I've become quite the Internet junkie and it's been painful to be offline (mostly) for the past few days. I've been able to use my kids' computer a bit, but my desktop stopped connecting to the Internet. Long story, and too boring to relate -- but suffice it to say that permanent wireless adapters are more reliable than USB adapters. And let me also say thanks to the wonderful 20-year-old sales force at Best Buy who do a marvelous job of recommending equipment. I installed the proper hardware today and so far - everything seems to be working exactly as promised.

Next - some holiday thoughts (I've been off my blog for too long. Lots of catch-up):
We listened to non-stop holiday music while preparing for Christmas here.
Our family's top choices for holiday music:

White Christmas - Bing Crosby
The Chipmunk Song - Alvin and the Chipmunks
It's In Every One of Us - The Muppets
Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters
The Nutcracker Suite by Lambchop and Sherry Lewis
Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley

and the newest addition to our favorite lineup:
Sarajevo/Christmas Canon - by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (what we fondly refer to as the "In Your Face" Christmas carol. It's so bold and so energetic. Love it!)

What are some of your favorite holiday songs?

As we move closer to 2008, we reflect on all the blessings we've experienced in 2007 . And if you count them instead of sheep, as Bing Crosby does in White Christmas, I hope you have so many that you can't ever count them all without falling asleep first.

My very best to you during this wonderful holiday season!


bonniew said...

It was great to have Robyn here in NY State for a few days. After looking at your blog I certainly feel that I know you too! Robyn got her first Christmas music here this season! Do you remember the Patty Paige song "The Mama Doll"? My favorite christmas present was a turn table that I can download my old vinyls to my computer and then burn CD's. Now I know I won't lose my mothers christmas memories! Hope to meet you in May!

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Bonnie,
What a nice surprise to hear from you! I'll have to get your e-mail from Robyn to reply directly. She told me how much you were hoping for the turntable. Sounds like the perfect gift. I know Robyn really enjoyed her time with you and she's been showing us pictures that Shannon put up on Facebook. I hope your New Year is full of happy surprises -- we're very much looking forward to meeting you in May, too!