Monday, October 29, 2007

Magna Cum Murder

Got back from Magna Cum Murder last night and I'm still feeling the warm glow. What a great conference - what great people! I meant to take my camera and include a picture or two here, but I forgot it at home. Sigh.

One of the best parts of conferences is meeting new people: Marian, Gennarose, Tammy, Emily Anne, Joan, and John, were just some of the great folks at Magna. The other best part of a conference is seeing people I haven't seen since the last conference, or in some cases, since the last time I was at Magna: Eric, Judy, Kent, Sandy, and so many - if I tried to list everyone I'd probably go nuts.

Kathryn Kennison, Jama Bigger, Jim Huang, and everyone running the conference did a Magna-ificent job ;-) of keeping everyone busy and keeping thing interesting. The Hotel Roberts was closed, and everyone was off-site this time, which might have put a damper on things, but I think had the opposite effect. Since no one could easily return to his/her room, everyone stayed - almost all the time. I think this Magna was actually the best one I've attended. I wouldn't change one minute of it.

Carl Brookins' experiment - his "ideal panel" - was a big hit. Four authors sit and chat in a central location, and attendees are encouraged to sit in and listen, and occasionally pop into the converstaion. Every so often, one author leaves and another takes his/her place. The discussion continues for a couple of hours. This was very energizing, and a very neat concept. I hope there's opportunity to try this experiment again.

That's my Magna report...
More later this week on other subjects.

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