Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hardzy and CFFL

I just posted this on Dorothy L. when the topic of "medium-boiled" came up:

In the course of writing our collaborative novel (final edits just turned in - won't be out for a year), my writing partner, Michael A. Black and I decided that the adventure we wrote -- featuring his hard-boiled PI and my cozy news researcher -- didn't fit any particular sub-genre well.

So we came up with our own term: "Hardzy"


I love this term and I'm excited about using it. To be honest, the description fits not only DEAD RINGER (the collaboration) but to a great extent, it fits my most recent Alex St. James novel DEADLY INTEREST, and the upcoming new series STATE OF THE ONION as well. Not exactly cozy, not hard-boiled. "Hardzy" is truly apt.

Mike and I also came up with another term. This one's a couple of years old now: CFFL (pronounced "cuffle"). It stands for "Customary Fight For your Life" and whenever we get to the climactic parts of our novels, we talk about plans for our CFFLs. DEAD RINGER, in fact, has two CFFLs. The book won't be out for a year, but I hope you get a chance to read it.

Just remember, you heard it here first: Hardzy - the newest crime fiction sub-genre ;-)