Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Crunch is significant in two ways today. Time crunch and car crunch. My second book in the White House Chef series is due in December, but I really wanted to turn it in by the end of October. I don't think I'll make that deadline, but it should be close. I like setting my deadlines early and I probably could have had this one done in August, but I thoroughly enjoyed having my kids home this summer and spent a bit less time writing than I normally do. That means this is crunch time.

In other matters, my poor van got its nose smashed this weekend when a limo backed into it. We were at the airport, dropping Robyn off to head back to school, and -bam-. I'm stuck without my own wheels this week, which considering the manuscript time crunch, is not a bad thing. ;-) I do have a beater van to drive around if I need to, but at every turn I hear a noise that sounds like the back end is about to drop off.
The fun never stops ;-)
Crunch, crunch.

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