Thursday, September 13, 2007

The War of Art

My good friend, Ken Rand, sent me a book some time ago - The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. This particular copy looks like it was made in the 1960s but the copyright says 2002. The slim hardback is silver, with little square mirrors decorating its front cover. The title and author are also silver, and I imagine this would make the words hard to discern from across the bookstore.

The reason I mention this book today is because the little thing (not even 200 pages) packs a wallop. You can read this in one sitting - or, as I did, in one standing. I loved it. I read it when I first received it (about a year ago, Ken?), and now I'm reading it again. This is a book I'll turn to periodically.

I'd rather not try to explain the book - it seems to me that The War of Art provides a unique experience to each of its readers - and I wouldn't want to diminish your experience. I suggest you head to your nearest bookstore, or library, and pick it up. Read a few pages. If it speaks to you (and if you're involved in any creative endeavors whatsoever, I bet it will) buy it. I can't recommend this enough.


Ken Rand said...

Good On You, Hyzy, for recommending the book on your blog. It still resonates with me. I think some of the stuff has adhered to a few nurons and I'm a better writer for it. The book doesn't get the attention it deserves. But then...

Delia said...

Well said.