Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long time no write...

Well, this entry is a bit late, but I know you'll think it's worth it. I'm including a picture of daughter #1 - Robyn. This is us when we visited NYC. Fashion-diva that she is, Robyn hated the idea of buying touristy sweatshirts, but the icy wind off New York Harbor (in June!!) convinced us otherwise. Yeah, we looked so cute in our fancy shoes and I -Heart-New York shirts!

But the real reason I'm including Robyn's picture is to introduce a new link to this blog - also known as le merle dans le vol. This is where Robyn will be uploading all her drawings and paintings and encouraging commentary. She's been studying at the Ringling College of Art and Design for the past three years and this year is the biggie for her. I would really appreciate it if you'd stop by and drop her a comment. I think her work is pretty impressive - and not just because I'm her mom! ;-)

Let me know what you think, too.


Ken Rand said...

Hyzy, I enjoyed seeing Robyn's pictures. What talent. And thanks for the pix. Trust me: she's as pretty as her mom. :)

Julia Buckley said...

What a gorgeous couple of girls! Who is younger? You can't tell by their hands.

Okay, that joke reveals my age.