Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tough Kolackys

Some weeks are great ... some not so much. This past one has been a doozy on many levels. But since I prefer to keep things upbeat on the blog, I won't get into the details here.

A long time ago I read advice about how to deal with difficult situations -- I can't remember where it came from, but the advice was good. Paraphrasing here - "Give yourself 30 seconds to get over it, then move on."
Thirty seconds may be a mite ambitious, but the sentiment is solid: Take time to deal with it, then let it go.

Another quote I love is this one from Theodore Rubin: The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

And the one I like the best, from Henry David Thoreau, Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, sums up how I prefer to deal with disappointment.

This week is already shaping up to be better than last week. And I shall move confidently ahead.

Thanks for listening.


Ken Rand said...

...and Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss.

Julie Hyzy said...

I *love* that one, Ken!

Julia Buckley said...

Uh-oh. Are you having the kind of week I had all through July? Send me an e-mail, my friend.

And to be honest, I don't think anyone can get over anything in thirty seconds, but especially not a writer. We think about everything, and at great length. :)