Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rick Kogan's Sunday Papers

Wow! Today was our appearance (mine and Mike Black's) on Rick Kogan's Sunday Morning radio program on WGN. What a wonderful experience. Rick Kogan is an incredibly nice man, and he could not have been more welcoming. He guided the discussion with such grace and ease that I didn't have a chance to be nervous.

Seriously - this was fun. When he asks questions, and when he listens to your answers, he makes sincere and warm eye contact. I truly believed he was interested in everything we had to say. I can't say enough about the man. Plus he has a great voice.

And you know what I loved, too? The fact that when he said "Franklin Park" instead of "Forest Park" for the location of Centuries and Sleuths, people started calling in to correct him. That meant folks were actually listening! What a rush!

What a great guy. I make it a habit to read his essay every Sunday in the Chicago Tribune Magazine already. Now, I'll listen in every Sunday, too. There were four other people - friends of Mr. Kogan's - who came in and visited during the last segment of the show. Really great folks. I sat next to Chris from Wisconsin (Manitowoc, I think) who told me about her hole-in-one at a WGN (at a Kathy and Judy Show event) at Cantigny.

The whole experience was just fabulous.
Thanks to Augie who encouraged us to do this and thanks to Rick Kogan for inviting us to be part of his show!


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