Thursday, July 12, 2007

Book Clubs

I loved To Kill A Mockingbird. Great movie, great book. Another of my favorites, Fahrenheit 451, was rumored to be coming to the big screen under the direction of Mel Gibson, but I haven't heard anything about that in a very long time. I wonder if Mel's media troubles have put some projects on hold...

No matter. My point here today is to talk about book clubs. I can see how To Kill A Mockingbird, or Fahrenheit 451 inspire discussion, but now, when I'm faced with the task of coming up with questions for my own books - questions for book clubs to use to keep conversation flowing- I'm coming up empty.

When I spoke to Judy's book discussion group in May, it was wonderful. Everyone had already read Deadly Interest, and we were able to talk about the characters, how some scenes came to be, writing and reading in general ... and all sorts of fun stuff. The time flew.

But in trying to come up with book discussion questions for my books for clubs where I *won't* be in attendance ... I'm lost. I mean, I really can't use questions like: "How early did you know XXX was the bad guy?" because readers happening across my site won't want to know that information if they haven't read the book yet.

So, readers, let me know. What sort of questions can you suggest? Remember that the upcoming State of the Onion is a culinary mystery, and the first in the series, so if there's anything you like to see in that genre, feel free to add that to our discussion as well.

Let me know here, in the comments section, or e-mail me. I'll look forward to hearing all your ideas.


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